Q: I've bought my ticket for PotterCon, and I cannot wait to come! What time does the ceremony begin?

A: The onstage festivities start 30 minutes after doors open. For more detailed information about your city's schedule, check out our events page.


Q: When is PotterCon coming to my city?

A: PotterCon is revving up the flying car and traveling all over the US! If you don’t see your city on our Events page yet, be sure to follow PotterCon USA on Facebook for more magical updates and announcements.


Q: Can my wizard friends and I buy tickets the day of the show?

A: If tickets are still available, they will be available at the door on the day of show. But beware, as PotterCons have often sold out in the past!


Q: Do I need a ticket or something printed out to enter?

A: We encourage attendees to bring a Muggle phone and to show the ticket-takers your admission pass. You may also print out a pass and bring it if you would like to.



Q: What can I expect at PotterCon and PotterParty?

A: PotterCon  and PotterParty are fan-driven events. We highly encourage cosplay and interaction with the shows. We will provide many opportunities to participate, and we hope that you get a chance to try out everything from entering the Sorting Ceremony to the delicious specialty themed drinks.


Q: I want it all! How do I enter the Sorting, Trivia, Costume Contest, House Cup, and everything else awesome?

A: There will be instructions for how to enter each event provided at the day of the show! Keep your eyes peeled for informative signs or Prefects stationed throughout the venue to answer your questions.


Q: Will there be merchandise available?

A: Yes! Depending on the show, we will have either a smaller, curated merchandise area (expect to find Potter themed jewelry, clothing, prints, and assorted collectors items) or a large vendor hall. It all depends on the space and the event! For more information about your city's specific show, you can check out the event's Facebook page. We link to each of them on our Events page.



Q: My friend is 17 years old can he/she come too?

A: Both PotterCon and PotterParty are either 18+ or 21+, depending on the city and venue. For more information about a specific event's age requirements, visit your event's Facebook page. If you or another Potter fan you know is underage, please send us an owl and we'd be happy to recommend some all ages Harry Potter events in your area.



Q: My owl is asleep. How can I contact you?

A: Fill out our contact form and one of our Prefects will check in if you have any questions or concerns.