In the summer of 2013, PotterCon founder Margaret Kaminski was staring down at a pile of robes, wands, cauldrons, and stuffed owls. After years of midnight movie screenings, book release parties, and infinite re-readings of seven magical stories, the well of costume-required events had run dry.

Despite the end of the series, Margaret wasn’t yet ready to part from her collection. She hadn’t yet given up on getting that long-awaited letter, so why give up on this? She decided to throw one last hoo-rah for the beloved series that defined her childhood.

The first PotterCon took place in a small bar in Brooklyn. Only ten friends were in attendance, but Margaret immediately vowed to transform the next PotterCon into a rager. Brooklyn’s The Bell House took a chance on the fledgling party in 2014, and the celebration exploded into an overnight success, with over 300 guests in attendance the very next year.

PotterCon grew faster than a pumpkin hit with an engorgement charm, and soon it was selling out back-t0-back shows at Irving Plaza in New York City.

One thing lead to another, and PotterCon is now a nationally touring fan experience with a growing team. As fans of the series who care deeply about what Harry Potter has meant to them, the PotterCon team works harder than Hermione to bring a unique, exciting fan experience to every attendee.

We all re-read the series every year, watch at least one movie at least once a month, and secretly check the stats on our old fanfiction.net fics. We hope that you have as an amazing of a time at PotterCon as we have had putting it together!