Don your best robes, sharpen your quills, and extend those beaded bags to prepare for PotterCon, an immersive adults-only fan experience.

PotterCon is the only adult-oriented fan convention that brings together fans to celebrate the Boy Who Lived and his magical world through interactive activities, live onstage shows, and more!


Activities at a typical PotterCon include:

⁃Live Onstage Sorting Ceremony!

⁃Live Costume Contest!


-house cup!

⁃potions, divination, history of magic, and more!


⁃Quidditch Games and Lessons!

⁃Special Guest Speakers!

⁃Wizards’ Chess!

⁃Photo area!

⁃And More!


For more information about what's happening at your city's PotterCon, check out our Events page.